what does a boss babe
mean to you?

Business Building Consulting and Networking events designed to bring you to the next level

What would happen if you Started to show up in your life as a Boss Babe?

girl, we’re gonna work together if you’re a:

Purpose driven Woman

You are ready to surround yourself with other women who value collaboration over competition and and want to expand their network and their net worth.

transitional woman

You are ready to claim your place in the world. You have a dream and you have just scratched the surface of making it a reality. You are ready to learn from Women who have reached the goals you are trying to achieve.

overworked woman

You’re over working your 9-5. “This Can’t be life”, is what you say under your breath as you look around your cubicle walls. Safe is all you’ve ever known, but you’re curious about what it would be like to be free and pursue your passion.

become a total
boss babe

Build your business foundation through collaboration, cooperation and through the backbone of a strong network.

Building from the ground up ain’t easy, and we are here to get you from where you want to go based on what works to create total Boss Babes from a group of Boss Babes.

First we create a solid business foundation that supports your growth. Then we combine it with a quality network that fuels sales, resources and opportunities.

The result is you’re set up for success while avoiding the common pitfalls of business.

about saramaria

Founder of business babe basics & Host of the Boss Hour Networking Events

SaraMaria is a Kingdom Creative, Business Foundation Consultant, Lifestyle Influencer, Author and Speaker. She is the Founder of Business Babe Basics. 

In February 2022,  She named Arizona’s Best Business Consultant & the #1 Woman to Watch in Arizona by Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazine. 

SaraMaria has always been passionate about helping others, and she has a special place in her heart for helping women.

Her first Business connected Section 8 Landlord and and Tenants together. Her first co-authored book shared her story of how she changed her mindset and the goals she achieved because of it.